Target Adaption AUTO26 to JTAG14/OnCE for MPC5XXX/SPC5XXX

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Target Adaption AUTO26 to JTAG14/OnCE for MPC5XXX/SPC5XXX


Order No.Probe
LA-3873Conv. AUTO26 to JTAG14 OnCE 

Target Connector Type

Connector Type

  • This is a standard 14 pin double row (two rows of seven pins) connector (pin to pin spacing: 2.54mm/0.100").
  • If terminal strip without shroud is used, the spacing marked with "A" must be a minimum of 23mm/0.9".







Debug Signals

  • The RDY- signal (pin 13) is optional.
If the signal is not available, or can not be connected because of other reasons, the RDY- pin on the debug connector should be connected to GND. If the RDY- signal on the debug connector is not connected, set SYStem.Option.NOJTAGRDY ON.
  • EVTI (pin 7) is optional. If connected, it can be used to halt the core on external events.
  • If the signal JCOMP (pin 14) is not available on the used processor/package type, leave the JCOMP pin on the debug connector unconnected. If JCOMP is available on the processor package, it must be connected to the debug connector.

Compatible Debug Cables

The following debug cables are compatible with this adapter:

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