Adaptation for NEXUS MPC56x Debugger on GA51 (Robust)

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Adaptation for NEXUS (GlenAir 51 Pin Robust)

Adaptation for NEXUS MPC56x Debugger on GA51 (Robust)


Adaptation for NEXUS (GlenAir 51 Pin Robust)

51-pin Robust MR7580-51P2BNU

The following signals of the 50 pin connector are not used by the debugger:

UBATT pin 1
UBAT pin 2
VSTBY pin 3
TOOLIO0 pin 4
TOOLIO1 pin 5
TOOLIO2 pin 6
MDI2 pin 45
MDI3 pin 47
PORT0 pin 51
The following signals are used by the debugger, but have a special meaning:

VEN_IO pins can be left open or tied to VREF via 10KOhm
/MSEO1 pin 35 must be tied to 1 or leave open.
( 1 means VREF )
Place the connector as close as possible to the CPU. Refer also to AN2002/D by Motorola.

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