Adaptation for MPC5xxx/SPC5xx Aurora Nexus

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Target Adaptation for MPC57xx Aurora Nexus


Target Adaptation for MPC57xx Aurora Nexus

The adaptation is valid for the following TRACE32® product

Order No.Probe
LA-3302Trace for MPC57xx/SPC5 via PTS 4GB (PACK) 
LA-3305Trace for MPC57xx/SPC5 via Ser. PrePro(PACK) 
LA-3322Trace for MPC57xx/SPC5 via PTS 8GB (PACK) 
LA-3545PowerTrace Serial 4 GigaByte MPC57xx/SPC5 out of production
LA-3911Preproc. Qorivva MPC57xx/SPC5 HSTP HF-Flex out of production


Order No.
Conv. Sam40 HSTP+AUTO26+JTAG14 to Samtec34
Conv. Sam40 HSTP+AUTO26+JTAG14 to Samtec22

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