AUTOSAR-Aware Debugging: Classic Platform

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TRACE32 Debugging for AUTOSAR Classic Platform
Concurrent Debugging of Multiple AUTOSAR Classic Platforms



TRACE32 Debugging for AUTOSAR Classic Platform

TRACE32 debugging is supported for both single-core and SMP operating systems. It is activated by loading the ORTI file (txt) or the AUTOSAR ECU description file (ARXML) and includes the following:
  • AUTOSAR vendor specific menu extension
  • Name of currently active task (this appears in the TRACE32 status line)
  • Task-aware breakpoints
  • Human readable display of AUTOSAR OS resources, including at program runtime
  • Task stack coverage

Concurrent Debugging of Multiple AUTOSAR Classic Platforms

SoCs consisting of real-time processors are containing increasing numbers of cores and using TRACE32 in Integrated AMP Debugging mode is ideal for debugging such devices. This debug setup allows identical cores running different operating systems to be debugged together and synchronously in a single TRACE32 PowerView GUI.

MPU hypervisors have been developed to also enable virtualization on microcontrollers. TRACE32 MPU Hypervisor Debugging allows a seamless debugging of such systems.

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