ARTI-Compliant Profiling of AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform

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ARTI: Task State Profiling
TRACE32 Tools



ARTI: Task State Profiling

TRACE32 provides profiling statistics and timing charts for the task states:


TRACE32 ARTI profiling for AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform is based on an instrumented trace. The trace data generated for ARTI profiling requires a medium trace bandwidth and can be streamed to the host computer at program runtime. This allows for very long recording times.

TRACE32 Tools

The ARTI description file and the activated OS trace hooks, that generate the task state information, form the basis for the ARTI profiling for AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform. The implementation of the trace hooks is done by an Arti kernel driver provided by Lauterbach. This driver has to be included into the final system. Its task is to write the information received from the OS trace hooks to STM channels to transfer these writes to a trace buffer that can be evaluated with TRACE32.

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