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AUTOASAR Classic Timing Tool Chain
Profiling the AUTOSAR Classic Platform



AUTOASAR Classic Timing Tool Chain


AUTOSAR Classic Platforms deploying software across multicore SoCs are becoming increasingly complex. Continuous control of the timing constraints of AUTOSAR systems is now almost mandatory. TRACE32 trace tools are an established part of the AUTOSAR Classic timing tool chain.
  • They receive trace data from the AUTOSAR Classic Platform
  • They generate runtime statistics or timing charts in TRACE32
  • They export timimg data to timing verification tools

Profiling the AUTOSAR Classic Platform

Lauterbach supports both the ORTI and ARTI standards for all real-time processors used in the automotive industry, most prominently Arm® Cortex®, Qorivva, Renesas RH850 and Infineon AURIX™ TriCore™.
  • ORTI Standard

    Lauterbach’s engineers were a driving force of the ORTI standard when it was released in 2003. TRACE32 can use this information to create profiling statistics and timing charts for task activity, OSEK services, and interrupt service routines. Excellent co-operation between vendors in the AUTOSAR Classic ecosystem guarantees a seamless integration of TRACE32 with many AUTOSAR Classic timing tools. More details ...

  • ARTI Standard

    The arrival of the ARTI standard in 2021 was again enhanced by Lauterbach’s know-how. TRACE32 can use the ARTI data to provide profiling statistics and timing charts for task states, category 1 and 2 interrupts and the run-time of all runnables. A standardized interface between tools allows TRACE32 to seamlessly integrate into your AUTOSAR Classic timing toolchain. More details ...

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