Debugging via USB with Tessent Embedded Analytics

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Configuration of the Software-only Debugger

Debugging via USB with Tessent Embedded Analytics
Tessent Embedded Analytics
Full support for all IP blocks needed for debugging and tracing
Stop-mode debugging via USB stack
Core trace and bus monitoring via USB stack
Support for Arm Cortex, RISC-V, Xtensa

Link Support
Technical Support
TRACE32 Software-only Debuggers


Configuration of the Software-only Debugger

Debug commands entered via the TRACE32 FrontEnd are converted to Tessent Embedded Analytics messages by the TRACE32 Tessent Debug BackEnd. These messages are used to communicate via the Message Engine with Tessent Embedded Analytics IP blocks in order to realize full debug and trace support for complex SoCs. Supported IP blocks are:
  • Communicators such as Aurora Comm, Bus Comm, JTAG Comm, System Memory Buffer Comm, Trace Comm
  • Analytic Modules such as BPAM to APB/AXI Bus, Bus Monitor, JPAM, Trace Encoder, Trace Receiver

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