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Incremental Code Coverage Applicable for All Test Environments
Live Coverage for an Unlimited Time



TRACE32 supports to ways to collect code coverage data
  • Incremental Code Coverage where trace data is collected and processed in repeated test runs
  • Live Coverage, where trace data is streamed to the host computer during recording and a live code coverage analysis is performed

Incremental Code Coverage Applicable for All Test Environments

For incremental code coverage, you can use both, TRACE32 hardware-based tools as well as TRACE32 software-only tools. Incremental code coverage supports all code coverage metrics.


The following steps have to be performed repeatedly:

Start the program execution and record the trace data to a fixed-size trace memory. TRACE32 automatically stops the program execution when the trace buffer is full.

Upload the trace data to TRACE32 and add it to the existing code coverage data.

Perform a code coverage analysis and inspect the intermediate results.


Live Coverage for an Unlimited Time

For live code coverage, you need a TRACE32 Trace Tool that records trace data at a parallel or serial trace port. The trace data is streamed to the host computer during recording and a live code coverage analysis is performed.


Live code coverage is subject to the following conditions:
  • Supported trace protocols are:
    - ETM v3, PTM, ETM v4 for Arm/Cortex,
    - MCDS for Infineon Tricore,
    - Nexus for MPC5xxxx/STM SPC5xx and PPC QorIQ.

  • Average data rate at the trace port should not exceed the maximum data transmission rate to host computer.
  • The following are supported: Object Statement Coverage and Object Branch Coverage, Statement Coverage, Decision Coverage, Function Coverage.
  • Suitable for both single core and multi-core, static programs only.
  • Support for saving the trace data whilst recording is possible.

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