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Are there any known issues of the TRACE32 Software Updater?
Ref: 0452

Here is a list of known issues of the current version of the TRACE32 Software Updater
  • HTTPS proxy not supported.
    • Affected versions: 1 and newer
    • Affected operating systems: all
    • Description: This version does not support connecting to the update version through a HTTPS proxy. As a workaround, connect without proxy, or use HTTP or SOCKS proxy instead (if possible). A new version of the TRACE32 Software Updater will be published once HTTPS proxy support is available.

  • File help.t32 is blocked and prevents update.
    • Affected versions: 1 and newer
    • Affected operating systems: Windows
    • Description: The file help.t32 is blocked by an open TRACE32 PowerView instance. Shut down all open TRACE32 PowerView instances and click Retry. If the file is still blocked, reboot the PC and try again.

  • Syntax error after relaunching the TRACE32 Software Updater
    • Affected versions: 1 to 9926
    • Affected operating systems: all
    • Description: When the TRACE32 Software Updater downloaded a new updater client you are asked to click on "Relaunch". Under some rare circumstances you will get a "Syntax error in command line" and the update process ends.
    • Workaround: Start TRACE32 Software Updater again to remedy the problem.

  • Old beta versions of TRACE32 Software Update no longer supported.
    • Affected versions: 1 to 8684
    • Affected operating systems: all
    • Description: TRACE32 Software Updater versions 1 up to 8684 (beta test versions) are no longer supported and the self-update feature is not functional. Please download the latest version here: https://www.lauterbach.com/download_trace32.html

Can I download an old TRACE32 release?
Ref: 0520

Only the latest TRACE32 release is available for download on the Lauterbach web site and using the TRACE32 Software Updater. Contact support@lauterbach.com if you need an old TRACE32 release and specify which target processor architecture(s) you are using . Please note that only architecture specific updates (no full installations) are possible in this case.
It is generally not possible to download old interim versions.

Can I revert an updated installation back to the state before the update?
Ref: 0445

Yes. The TRACE32 Software Updater moves all updated files to a backup directory (<TRACE32 system directory>/backup/<timestamp>). In order to revert the update, move all files from the backup folder back to the system directory recursively. As the TRACE32 Software Updater only makes a backup of the updated files, overwrite the new files with the ones from the backup directory.

Can I use the updater on my operating system?
Ref: 0451

The updater is available for following operating systems:
  • Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11, 32-bit and 64-bit versions
  • Linux 64-bit versions. Requires GTK3.
  • MacOS x64, version 10.9 and newer
If GTK3 is not available for your Linux distribution, please let us know.

When does the actual update process start?
Ref: 0446

After checking the selected TRACE32 installation, the TRACE32 Software Updater will display a list of packages to be updated and the minimum required software maintenance. You can then start the update by clicking on the "Next" button, or click the "Cancel" if you decide against the update.

Which information does the updater send to Lauterbach?
Ref: 0444

In addition to the information required by the HTTP protocol, like your IP address, the TRACE32 Software Updater only sends the information needed to update the selected TRACE32 installation. This is the host OS and a list of the files that the TRACE32 Software Updater needs to download in order to update the installation.

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