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Technical Support
Uniform Look-And-Feel for all Processors
  • ASM Debugger/HLL Debugger
  • FLASH Programmer
  • CTS Context Tracking System
  • COVERAGE Analyzer
  • RTOS Debugger
  • INT Tools Integration
  • Front-End to TRACE32 Instruction Set Simulator
  • Front-End to Third-Party Core Simulators/Virtual Prototypes
  • Front-End to Third-Party Target Servers
Debugger Features
  • Multicore Debugging
  • AUTOSAR Debugging
  • Peripheral Browser
  • FLASH Programming (Memory-Mapped)
  • FLASH Programming (Protocol-Based)
  • Source Level Debugging
  • Sample-based Profiling
  • MMU Support
  • UEFI Bootloader
  • Hypervisor-aware Debugging
  • OS-aware Debugging
  • Android Debugging
Trace Features
  • Trace Sinks
  • Filter and Trigger
  • Debugging
  • Cache Analysis
  • Profiling
  • AUTOSAR Profiling
  • Code Coverage
  • Energy Profiling
TRACE32 Trusted Tool for Functional Safety

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