FLASH Programming (Protocol-Based)

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FLASH Programming (Protocol-Based)
Optimum flash programming performance
Support for elf, Intel hex and S-record format
Ready-to-use flash programming scripts
Ready-to-use flash programming algorithms
Memory dump for displaying the flash content
Flash content can be easily copied and modified
Flash programming via boundary scan (SPI, eMMC, I2C)

Full programming access to spare area (NAND)
Bad block treatment (NAND)
ECC generation: Hamming, BCH, Reed-Solomon (NAND)

Technical Support

Our policy is to support all common flash controllers and flash devices. Compatible types of other manufacturers can be programmed even if they are not explicitly listed. Please be aware that we could not test all devices in combination with all chips/cores.

   List of supported flash controller and drivers

   List of supported flash devices

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