JTAG Switcher to Improve Multiprocessor Designs

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JTAG Switcher White Paper
JTAG Switcher on GitLab




Lauterbach announced the release of their JTAG Switcher VHDL source code. This is being released into the public domain under the MIT Open Source License.

JTAG Switcher is a component provided as VHDL source code. One use case is to put the component into an FPGA. This allows you to connect JTAG TAPs of multiple chips with varying I/O voltage levels to one PCB wide JTAG connector.

The JTAG Switcher component might also be directly integrated into silicon if several internal JTAG TAPs need to be accessed inside one integrated circuit.


JTAG Switcher White Paper

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JTAG Switcher on GitLab

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