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TRACE32 Maintenance Check

Technical Support

Check the expiration date of the software maintenance

When purchasing a Lauterbach product it includes a software guarantee, which allows you to install free software updates for one year. After the first year a new software maintenance license is required to run the latest software version.

The most current TRACE32 software version can only be installed if at least one of the following requirements is fulfilled:
  • The original one year software guarantee is still valid.
  • A new software maintenance license has been purchased and is still valid.

Please use the following table to check out the current maintenance status of your product. The result will also show the status of all of the additional serial numbers programmed into your Lauterbach product. For details please refer to the document Maintenance Check below.


License Serial Number:

Software version
Information about all serials in your Lauterbach hardware
   How to do maintenance check?    get quote for additional year of software maintenance

Get a temporary maintenance key

We offer our customers a one-time temporary maintenance key to test a new software version for four weeks.
This requires a registered serial number.


Retrieve the maintenance key

In order to retrieve the latest maintenance key for your registered serial number please use the link below and fill in the registration formula. The maintenance key will be sent back to you promptly via Email.

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