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A Single Debugger for All Cores
Single Core Cluster in a TRACE32 GUI Instance
Cluster of Identical Cores in a TRACE32 GUI Instance


A Single Debugger for All Cores

A single debugger for all cores of a multicore chip / multiprocessor system - that is our policy. To achieve this, we support a broad range of high-performance and real-time cores, as well as DSPs, configurable cores, and many other core types that are integrated into a chip to increase its performance.

Individual cores, as well as clusters of identical cores, can be debugged via a TRACE32 GUI instance. TRACE32 AMP integrates the individual TRACE32 GUI instances into a multicore debugging system. It is of no importance whether the cores of the system-under-test are on one chip or on many chips. TRACE32 AMP realizes the simultaneous access to the different cores/clusters and controls their start/stop synchronization.



Single Core Cluster in a TRACE32 GUI Instance

Bare-metal, OS-aware, and hypervisor-aware debugging are all available for a single core.


Cluster of Identical Cores in a TRACE32 GUI Instance

Bare-metal, OS-aware, hypervisor-aware, and multi-cluster debugging are all available for core clusters.


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