RTOS Debugger for SYS/BIOS

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RTOS Debugger for SYS/BIOS
Real time, non-intrusive display of SYS/BIOS system resources
Task related breakpoints
Task stack coverage
Task context display
Dynamic task performance measurement
SYS/BIOS specific display of analyzer listing
Statistic evaluation and graphic display of task run times
Task related evaluation of function run times
PRACTICE functions for OS data
SYS/BIOS related pull-down menu
Support for Arm, C2000, C6000, C7000, TriCore
The TRACE32 System includes a configurable RTOS debugger to provide symbolic debugging in real time operating systems. Our software package contains a ready-to-run configuration for the SYS/BIOS Real Time Operating System from Texas Instruments.

The SYS/BIOS awareness provides easy access to task lists and other kernel information, generates performance analysis data and enables you to do a most effective debugging with the TRACE32 systems on targets running SYS/BIOS.

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