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Functional safety is one of the key issues for embedded systems deployed in vehicles, aircraft, medical devices or factories. The software tools used during the life cycle of such systems have a direct impact on their quality, safety and reliability. Therefore, safety standards require the qualification of software tools used. Our certified Tool Qualification Support-Kit (TQSK) provides everything needed to qualify TRACE32 tools for use in DO-178C (avionic), IEC 61508 (industrial), IEC 62304 (medical) and ISO 26262 (automotive) projects.

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TRACE32 Tool Qualification Support-Kit At a Glance

  • TRACE32 Tool Qualification Support-Kit streamlines TRACE32 tool qualification effort and costs.
  • TRACE32 TQSK is full featured, field proven and ready to cover new use cases and requirements.
  • TÜV Nord certicate guarantees compliance to safety standards.
  • TRACE32 TQSK Customer Interface provides full service around tool qualification.
  • All TQSK test suites run in the target environment and are fully multicore aware.
  • Test Suite Coverage includes statement, branch, MC/DC, function and call coverage.
  • TRACE32 Instruction Simulator → TRACE32 Debug and Trace Tools → XCP/USB Debug and Trace
    provide comprehensive tool support throughout all project phases.

TQSK Customer Interface

If you are interested in the TRACE32 Tool Qualification Support-Kit, please register at our TRACE32 TQSK Customer Interface. After registering, you can download a personalized version of the TRACE32 TQSK.

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