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Debugger Adaptation for ARC

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Debugger Adaptation for ARC


ARM compatible 20-pin IDC connector with pins on 0.100" centers




VTREF12VSUPPLY (not used)
TRST- (optional)34GND
RTCK (optional)1112GND
SRST- (optional)1516GND
EVTI (optional)1718GND
EVTO (leave open)1920GND
Pin Direction Description
TCK|TCKC to CPU JTAG Clock. It is recommended to put a pull-down to GND on this signal.
TMS to CPU Standard JTAG TMS: It is recommended to put a pull-up to VTREF on this signal for standard 4-pin JTAG.
TMSC to/from CPU Compact JTAG TMSC: Your chip should have a bus-hold on this line for compact JTAG.
TDI to CPU JTAG TDI. It is recommended to put a pull-up to VTREF on this signal.
Only required for standard 4-pin JTAG / Optional signal for compact JTAG.
TDO from CPU JTAG TDO. (No pull-up or pull-down is required.)
Only required for standard 4-pin JTAG / Optional signal for compact JTAG.
TRST- to CPU JTAG Testport Reset.(Optional) This is an active low signal. A pull-up on the target is recommended.
from CPU
JTAG Return Clock. (Optional, No pull-up or pull-down is required.)
VTREF from CPU Reference voltage. This voltage should indicate the nominal HIGH level the for the debug signals (JTAG, cJTAG, SWD). So for example, if your signals have a voltage swing from 0 V ... 3.3 V, the VTREF pin should be connected to 3.3 V.
SRST- to/from CPU System Reset Signal. (Optional)
If your target board has a low active CPU reset signal, you can connect this low active reset signal to this pin. This enables the debugger to detect a CPU reset. Furthermore the debugger can drive this pin to GND to hold the CPU in the reset state. The debugger drives this pin as open-drain, so a pull-up is mandatory.
to CPU
Nexus Event In. (optional), only used with DesignWare ARC Trace to force a Nexus Synchronization Message.
from CPU
Nexus Event Out. (optional) This pin is not used by ARC processors. (Leave open (N/C) if not used)


Connector Type

  • This is a standard 20 pin double row (two rows of 10 pins) connector (pin to pin spacing: 2.54mm/0.100").
  • If terminal strip without shroud is used, the spacing marked with "A" must be a minimum of 30.6mm/1.2".


Order No.
Adapter Half-Size 20 pin
Converter IDC20A to MIPS-14
Converter IDC20A to MIPI-34 PowerTrace Serial
Converter IDC20A to Mictor-38
Converter IDC20A to MIPI-10/20/34
Converter IDC20A to XILINX-14
Converter IDC20A to Digilent PMOD™

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