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TRACE32 AUTOSAR-Aware Debugging
Concurrent Debugging of AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive Platform

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TRACE32 AUTOSAR-Aware Debugging

Lauterbach’s automotive experts played a pivotal role in the development of the OSEK Run-Time Interface (ORTI), which has been used by many developers, the world over, since 2003. As of 2017, we have been bringing our expertise to the standardization of the AUTOSAR Run-Time Interface (ARTI). Full support for this was added in the Feb 2022 TRACE32 software release.
  • Debugging of AUTOSAR Classic Platform

    Lauterbach´s customers have been debugging their AUTOSAR Classic Platform with TRACE32 for many years now on a wide variety of architectures, such as: Arm® Cortex®, Qorivva, Renesas RH850, and Infineon AURIX™ TriCore™. More details ...

  • Debugging of AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform

    Lauterbach’s TRACE32 is a mature, high-performance debugger which supports many high-end architectures such as Arm® Cortex® and Intel® processors. For decades TRACE32 has enabled the debugging of rich Operating Systems (OS) such as eMCOS, Linux, PikeOS, and QNX. These POSIX compliant OSes are typically used for AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform. A debug extension to TRACE32 (ara.t32) allows the display of AUTOSAR Adaptive Applications and their states in a standardized, OS-independent format. More details ...

Concurrent Debugging of AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive Platform

TRACE32 supports various configurations for the concurrent debugging of AUTOSAR Classic and AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform. A typical debugger configuration can be seen in this picture.

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