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Time-Correlated Measurement of Program Flow, Current and Voltage




Reducing the energy consumption is important for many embedded designs. Energy is the product of current, voltage and time. Each of these parameters can be influenced by the control software. Therefore software developers have to constantly attempt to find the optimum for these three parameters in respect to their application. Lauterbach offers two probes to measure voltage and current over time.

TRACE32 Mixed Signal Probe
  • Record digital/analog signals and correlate them with program flow
  • Digital signals: 12 channels, 0V - 5V, 200 MSamples/s per channel, threshold 0.1V - 2.5V
  • Analog signals: 6 single-ended voltage channels, -12V - +12V, 13-bit resolution, 2 current sense channels, up to 240mV differential shunt resistor voltage, 1 MSample/s conversion rate

TRACE32 Analog Probe
  • Record analog signals and correlate them with program flow
  • Analog signals: 4 voltage channels, 12-bit resolution, input range 0..5 V, impedance 1 MOhm, 3 current channels with 5% accuracy, external shunt required
  • Sampling rate of 625 KSamples/sec


Time-Correlated Measurement of Program Flow, Current and Voltage

TRACE32 allows the recorded current and voltage to be directly correlated in time with the program flow recorded by one of the TRACE32 trace tools PowerTrace, CombiProbe or MicroTrace. This makes it easy to identify program parts with high or unexpected energy consumption.



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