Integration with VectorCAST® - Data-driven Unit Testing

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Integration Environment

Integration with VectorCAST® - Data-driven Unit Testing
Integration allows data-driven unit testing
Integration is based on TRACE32 semihosting support
VectorCAST Harness reads test data from file on host
VectorCAST Harness writes test results to file on host
Designed for targets with small RAM
Thousands of tests on a single build
Immediate switch to debug on a test fault
Open for all processor architectures supported by TRACE32
Open for all compilers supported by TRACE32

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Technical Support
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Integration Environment

The TRACE32® VectorCAST integration is based on the TRACE32® semihosting support. Semihosting allows code running on the target to use facilities of the host computer that runs the TRACE32 PowerView GUI. This means specifically for this integration that the VectorCAST Harness test agent running on the target can read its test sequences from a file on the host computer and write its test results back to a file on the host computer.

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