Hypervisor-aware Debugging

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Hypervisor-aware Debugging
Seamless debugging of the total system in stop-mode
Hypervisor-awareness as a loadable debug extension is provided by Lauterbach
Hypervisor-aware debugging for high-performance cores (MMU) such as Arm Cortex, PowerArchitecture and Intel x64
Hypervisor-aware debugging for selected real-time cores (MPU) such as Arm Cortex-R52/-R82, RH850 (G4MH4 core and later) and TriCore TC4x

Machine ID allows the user to uniquely identify any virtual machine in the system
Machine ID provides full visibility of context of active and inactive virtual machines
OS-awareness can be loaded for each virtual machine
The most important objective of the TRACE32 hypervisor-awareness is a seamless debugging of the overall system. This means that when the system has stopped at a breakpoint, you can check and change the current state of every single process, all VMs, plus the current state of the hypervisor and of the real hardware platform.


Available Solutions


Overview of all Virtual Machines/Guest

The TRACE32 hypervisor-awareness provides the debugger with all of the hypervisor’s information running on the hardware platform. After the OS-awareness is loaded for each guest/VM the debugger can display an overview of the overall system.

TRACE32 assigns each VM a number, the machine ID (mid column). The machine ID is a unique identifier that is used by TRACE32 and appears as an address extension; a concept already familiar to TRACE32 users.

Global Task List

The Global Task List represents the heart of the TRACE32 hypervisor-aware debugging. It lists all tasks/processes/threads of the guest OSes and the hypervisor. TRACE32 can visualize the context of any task in its GUI. Just double-click to the task name.

The TRACE32 CORE.List window displays in detail what is currently running on the individual cores.

Visualization of Running Tasks

The TRACE32 GUI visualizes the context of the current core/task by a double-click on the task name in the TRACE32 Global Task List.


Visualization of Inactive Tasks

TRACE32 allows the visualisation of any task, even if its VM is currently not active.


Expert Debugging/Scripting Capability

Sophisticated command options allow, in addition to intuitive operation, purposeful access to all system aspects.



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