JTAG Connector for MPC5xxx (OnCE) Standard

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Adaptation for MPC5XXX/SPC5XXX OnCE Debug Connector


Adaptation for MPC5XXX/SPC5XXX OnCE Debug Connector


Order No.Probe
LA-3725Conv. Mictor38 (NEXUS) to JTAG14 for MPC5xxx 
LA-3873Conv. AUTO26 to JTAG14 OnCE 
LA-7640Universal JTAG adapter for PowerPC architect. on request, please contact Lauterbach
LA-7753JTAG Debugger Qorivva MPC5xxx/SPC5xxx (ICD) out of production

Connector 14 pin







Connector Type

  • This is a standard 14 pin double row (two rows of seven pins) connector (pin to pin spacing: 2.54mm/0.100").
  • If terminal strip without shroud is used, the spacing marked with "A" must be a minimum of 23mm/0.9".

JTAG connector recommendations

  • TDI, TDO, TCK, TMS and JCOMP- should be connected directly to the CPU. Don't connect serial resistors or RC terminations to those signals.
  • Avoid routing the JTAG signals close to the NEXUS signals.
  • JTAG-VTREF (pin 11) must match the JTAG I/O voltage of the processor. JTAG-VREF should have a resistance less than 5kOhm for 3.0~5.0V, less than 2kOhm for 1.8~3.0V.
  • The RDY- signal (pin 13) is optional.
If the signal is not available, or can not be connected because of other reasons, the RDY- pin on the debug connector should be connected to GND.

If the RDY- signal on the debug connector is not connected, set SYStem.Option.NOJTAGRDY ON.
  • EVTI (pin 7) is optional. On this debug cable EVTI is N/C. It is however recommended to connect EVTI for future use (e.g. for automotive debug cable + adapter LA-3873).
  • If the signal JCOMP (pin 14) is not available on the used processor/package type, leave the JCOMP pin on the debug connector unconnected. If JCOMP is available on the processor package, it must be connected to the debug connector.
  • We recommend to follow Freescale's Application Note AN2614.

Debug Cable Information

  • When the debugger is inactive (SYStem.Mode.DOWN and NoDebug), all output pins of the debug cable are tri-stated (hot-plug capability)
  • During the debug session: TDI, TCK, TMS and JCOMP- are driven to both low and high levels. Only RESET is an open-drain output. The voltage level of a pin driven to high is the same soltage level as connected to VDD target (pin 11).
  • All output signals of the debug cable have a 47 Ohm serial termination. Usually no further termination is needed on the target hardware.
  • Maximum supported voltage range (check debug cable's serial number CYYMMxxxxxx):
    • Debug cable produced before 09/2009: 1.8-5.5V
    • Debug cable produced 09/2009 or later: 0.9-5.5V
  • Input impedance on VDD target (pin 11):
    • Debug cable produced before 09/2009: >45 kOhm
    • Debug cable produced 09/2009 or later: >90 kOhm
  • IEEE 1149.7 (aka cJTAG) supported by debug cables produced 09/2009 or later.

Available Adapters

Order-Nr.Connector to targetConnector(s) to debug cableConnector to trace module
LA-3723Mictor38 (NEXUS-MPC5XXX)JTAG14 (MPC5XXX)-
LA-3843ECU14JTAG14 (MPC5XXX) + JTAG16 (TriCore) + AUTO26-
LA-3871Samtec34 Power.Org pinoutJTAG14 (MPC5XXX) + AUTO26Samtec40 (Aurora preprocessor)
LA-3872Samtec22 Power.Org pinoutJTAG14 (MPC5XXX) + AUTO26Samtec40 (Aurora preprocessor)
LA-3876AUTO26/20/10JTAG14 (MPC5XXX)-

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