Debugging via USB and Intel® Direct Connect Interface (Intel® DCI) DbC

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Configuration of the Software-only Debugger

Debugging via USB and Intel® Direct Connect Interface (Intel® DCI) DbC
Stop-mode debugging for form factor devices
Stop-mode debugging via USB protocol stack
Standard JTAG is wrapped into DCI packets

SMP debugging (including hyperthreading)
AMP debugging with other architectures
BIOS/UEFI debugging with tailor-made GUI for all UEFI phases
Linux- and Windows-aware debugging
Support for Intel® x86/x64, ARC, M8051EW, Xtensa

Link Support
Technical Support
TRACE32 Software-only Debuggers


Configuration of the Software-only Debugger

Debug commands entered via the TRACE32 FrontEnd are converted by the TRACE32 USB Debug BackEnd into JTAG commands and wrapped into the DCI protocol. The DCI packets are sent to the target with the help of libusb.

The DCI bridge on the target side unwraps the DCI packets and passes the JTAG commands to the appropriate TAP/CPU.

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