TRACE32 Instruction Set Simulators

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Debug and Trace Features
Peripheral Simulation Model
Tool Qualification Support-Kit

TRACE32 Instruction Set Simulators
Integral part of TRACE32
Configurable as system under debug (PBI=SIM)
Allows post-mortem debugging

Tool Qualification Support-Kit (TQSK) available for TriCore and 68K

Software compatible to all TRACE32 tools
OS-aware debugging
Cache simulation (architecture dependent)
Program and data flow trace based on a bus trace protocol
Advanced trace analysis features
Powerful script language
Programming interface for peripheral simulation
The TRACE32 Instruction Set Simulator is available for nearly all processor architectures supported by TRACE32. An intensive use of this tool requires a TRACE32 Simulator License.

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Technical Support
TRACE32 Simulator License

Demo Software for Download


Debug and Trace Features

  • Real-time, non-intrusive display of RTOS system resources
  • Task stack coverage
  • Task related breakpoints
  • Task context display
  • SMP support
  • Task related performance measurement
  • Statistic evaluation and graphic display of task run times
  • Task related evaluation of function run times
  • PRACTICE functions for OS data
  • Easy access via RTOS specific pull-down menus
  • Support for all major RTOSes

Trace Analysis
  • Detailed analysis of function run-times
  • Detailed analysis of task run-times and state
  • Graphical analysis of variable values over the time
  • Analysis of the time interval of a single event (e.g. Interrupt)
  • Analysis of the time interval between 2 defined events

Script Language
  • Structured Language
  • Menu Support
  • Command Logs
  • Custom Menues
  • Custom Toolbars and Buttons
  • Custom Dialog Windows
  • 64-Bit Arithmetic
  • Numeric, Logical and String Operators
  • Direct Access to System States


Peripheral Simulation Model

Lauterbach provides a TRACE32 Simulator API to write a Peripheral Simulation Model. The Peripheral Simulation Model has to be compiled as a library and loaded into TRACE32.


Tool Qualification Support-Kit

Since June 2021, Lauterbach has made available a Tool Qualification Support-Kit for its TRACE32 Instruction Set Simulator for TriCore (TSSTC) for a fee. After the TRACE32 Instruction Set Simulator has been qualified with the help of the TQSK for a safety-related project, it can be used as a test tool in the unit testing and integration phase, for example for PIL simulation or MC/DC coverage. Kits for further architectures are planned.

Block Diagram TRACE32 Instruction Set Simulator for TriCore

If you are interested in the TRACE32 Tool Qualification Support-Kit, please register at our TRACE32 TQSK Customer Interface. After registering, you can download a personalized version of the TRACE32 TQSK.

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